Xemo - Evolution Chamber Released! (v1.7)

Here are the new features in Xemo v 1.7. We've received an overwhelming
response to Xemo after moving to Free-To-Play. Try out the new evolution
engine. If you are having trouble getting started, check out our videos
at https://www.vimeo.com/xemory. We also have in-game tutorials to help you out.

The New Stuff

Evolution Chamber
- A new section of the game used to evolve robot motions. This is
survival of the fittest, where the best robot is the one that gets
closest to the target. The target is a moveable puck in the Evolution
Chamber. Any of the four robots can be evolved. You set the number of
generations, robots per generation to test, and the total test time.
Choose a symmetry (left/right, front/back, diagonal or free) and start
the evolution. It takes any where from 3 mins to an hour to evolve a
motion, depending on the type of robot you use. You can change the time
scale (5x is 5 times faster than real time) to evolve quickly. When you
robot is ready, save your evolved motion with a name and assign a key to
use in the game levels.

Leaderboards - Each game level has its own leaderboard based on time. The top ten score are shown.

Remember me - We added a feature to remember your login and password, which is encrypted.

Xemo Biped - Tthe balance controller has been restored, and now works correctly.

Tutorial Videos - The videos now display in-game rather than open your browser. The first level on each game level track has a video link.

Feedback button
- Now includes your email or steam name automatically. The feedback
email goes directly into our support system, viewed by our developers.
We will respond to all feedback received (good or bad), so click away!


Xemo for Windows (v1.7) 148 MB
Sep 15, 2017
Xemo for Mac (v1.7) 222 MB
Sep 15, 2017
Xemo for Linux (v1.7) - tested Ubuntu 14.04 219 MB
Sep 15, 2017

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