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Xemo is a physics-based simulation of a walking robots. High detailed graphics and a refined user interface allow you to quickly create new robot motions such as crouching, crawling, jumping, rolling, walking and climbing. Combine your motions in a control sequence to solve the games challenging obstacle courses. Compete against your friends and rivals to move to the top of the leader board for each level. You are rewarded for sharing motions with the Xemo community, and can continue to improve your robot's performance using better, faster and more efficient motions. How fast and agile is your robot? Play Xemo and discover just how good you are.

This simulation game Includes:

  • The Xemo robot - with 13 joints with a total of 24 DoF (Degrees of freedom)
  • Sami - a simple 4-legged robot that you teach to crawl, turn, walk, jump andturn over.
  • Buster - a more complex 4-legged robot that can walk something like an ant.
  • Fido - the dog-like robot that has hip and knee joints - a greater challenge!
  • Integrated rigid-body physics simulation.
  • The Robot Lab where you create new robot motions
  • The Challenge Floor where you compete with your robot
  • The Pattern Editor, which you use to edit your robot.
  • The Gravity Well, to suspend and position the robot in mid-air.
  • The Joint Editor, used to adjust the robots ankle, knee, hip, abs, shoulder, elbow and neck joints
  • The Spring Editor, used to set the speed and strength of each joint.
  • The Balance Controller, used to add automatic 1-foot balancing control.
  • Environment and machine sound effects


v1.6 - August 2017

This is a major overhaul of the user interface, robot designs and game levels. We have completely re-designed and replaced the game levels with 16 new levels - from mostly easy to more difficult. We've reworked the user interface, created better controls including keyboard mapping for motions. The game has been split into sections: the Robot Selection, the Motion Creation and the Level Play section. Have a look at the new screen shots - the game art and new robot designs are impressive!

v1.4 - May 2017

  • Revised tutorials (easier to follow).
  • Re-designed game levels 1-5

v1.3 - April 2017

  • Added three new robots (4 legged) to the game (see screen shots)
  • New hotkey binding for motions for more interactive game play.
  • Updated user interface and transitions between the robot lab and challenge floor.
  • Demo now has Gravity Well and Hot Key motions turned on.

This game is in Early Access and is not yet complete. More features are being regularly. Buy the game and help support our game development effort! We are a tiny company in northern Vermont. Check out our website at www.xemo.io to find out more about Xemo!

More information

Published 197 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date 271 days ago
Tagsbiped, humanoid, robot, robotics, simulation, walk
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, Interactive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Community, Stats


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